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How to Map Golf Courses

Here's a few tips on how to map all the areas on a golf course.

Step 1: Define Teeboxes

Choose which color tee boxes the golf course uses, and what distances they refer to.

  1. Click the "Edit Tee Boxes" link to add a teebox to the golf course
  2. Next, decide what color the new teebox is. Select a color from the drop-down menu.
  3. Finally, select the teebox "category" from the list in the drop-down menu. You may only use each category once.
  4. You may also enter in the rating and slope for each teebox, or click "Edit Scorecard" to enter in the data for every hole on the course at once.

Step 2: Hole Data

This is where you set up all the different parts of a hole for a golf course.

  1. Select a hole from the list across the top of the page
  2. Start by clicking the link in the console at the left to "Add a green."
  3. Then, simply move your mouse over the map at the right and click the map to make points around the contour of the green on that hole. Make as few or as many points as you like. The more points added, especially on curves, will give you a more realistic outline. Finish each shape by either clicking the starting point again, or double-clicking your mouse. Repeat this process for all the greens, fairways, sand traps, water hazards, woods, and stones/rock areas. For water hazards, it's only important to include the area of each water hazard that involves the hole. It's okay to "cut off" part of the water hazard that is irrelavant to the hole.

Step 3: Place Tee Boxes

This is where you pick a spot on each hole where the tee boxes are located.

  1. Before outlining shapes on the hole, you should have set up all the different tee boxes this golf course uses (i.e. black, blue, white, red, etc.). Those tee boxes should now be available for you in the Tee Box console. Simply click "Move" button of the tee box in the console and click the spot on the map where you want the teebox to be.
    Important: Remember to create a "Green" before placing teeboxes. This will allow the system to automatically calculate the hole yardage for you. You can always change the yardage manually if it appears to be incorrect.